Sunday School

Sunday School begins at 9:30 am with classes for everyone in the family. There is a nursery during both the Sunday School hour and also during Service. You can find out what class is the best fit for you and your family by going by the Welcome desk in the Main Sanctuary. We will have volunteers walking campus to help you get where you need to go. If you and your family are first time attenders to Sunday School it would be best to be on campus by 9:15 am so that we can assist you around campus.

  • A Men's Study on diplomacies of God & The Awe of God

    Teacher | Terry Harper

    Meets in the office area

  • A Women's Study on Lesser Known Women in the Bible

    Teachers | Marcia Harper and Elaine Marshall

    Meets in the office area

  • A Senior Adult Study using Explore the Bible Series

    Teacher | Joe Bledsoe

    Meets in the Main Sanctuary

  • A Study on the Book of Acts

    Teacher | Jerry Prince

    Meets in the Fellowship Hall

  • A Study on Charles Stanley's "30 Life Principles"

    Teachers | Benjie and Michelle Alexander

    Meets in Children's Building

  • Children 1/Children 2

    Teachers | Al Awbrey and Tod Handley

    Meets in the Children's Building

  • Middle School Study

    Teachers | Bill and Tracy Grissett

    Meets in the office area

  • High School Study

    Teacher | Giles Roberts

    Meets in the GBC Student Center